Youth Organisations

The Boy’s Brigade, 6th Belfast Company, Saint James’s Parish Church, Antrim Road, Belfast,

Our Boy’s Hall, Manor Street, north Belfast

The Boys’ Brigade
6th Belfast Company,
St. James’s Parish Church, Antrim Road, Belfast
Roll of Honour
Officers and Old Boys
Killed in the Great War

Beggs, Harry P.

Dickey, Stanley

Hamilton, Victor R.

Miller, Howard

Morrison, Aubrey

Newell, David

Newell, Walter

Vogan, Samuel

White, Thomas

The following  also served.

Andrews, Ernest

Boag, William

Boyd, Samuel A.

Broadmere, George

Brunson, John

Connor, Percy

Davison, Harry

Denby, William

Dickey, Bertie

Dorman, George

Dunseith, A.

Fasham, John

Fell, Harry

Flack, George

Gibb, John T.

Gibbon, John

Gibson, Matthew

Hughes, Herbert

Jefferson, Fred

Johnson, Samuel

Knight, Charles

Lamour, Edward

Lyttle, Edward

McCourt, Norman

Miller, L.

Montgomery, H.

Moore, Robert

Morton, Robert

Newell, Thomas

Rickerby, John

Risk, Harold

Robinson, Arthur

Robinson, Joseph

Ross, Frederick

Ross, Ian

Rodgers, John

Sandes, Balfour

Scott, Frank

Stewart, James

Stewart, Noel J.

Turner, Samuel

Veitch, Robert

Wood, William H.


Our Boy’s Hall, Manor Street, north Belfast

A war roll of honour of 122 young men who served with his Majesty’s Forces during the great war, 24 of whom made the supreme sacrifice, was unveiled in Our Boy’s Hall, Manor Street, [May 1920] yesterday afternoon., by the right Rev. Dr. Simms, C.B., Moderator of the General Assembly, and Chaplain General to the Forces. The roll, which is a very artistic production, in a beautiful frame, has at the top a picture of the hall in ware-colours, with the words underneath, introducing the inscription and list of names, “Pro Deo et Pro Patria”. On both sides of the roll, architecturally adorned, are beautifully painted trophies of Allied flags, also in water-colours, imposed on stately columns, and giving to the whole a very pleasing effect.

The names of the fallen, heading the list of war heroes are : - Lieut. Robert McCabe, Sergeants Albert Saunders, Sam Bond, Jack Porter, Ernest Poster, Frank Makinson, Lance-Corporal R. Hull, Privates H. E. Lilly, Albert Holmes, Robert McDonald, Robert Beckett, Arthur Officer, David Lynch, Oliver Moles, William Porter, D. Bailey G. Blackwood, Sam Graer, J. Bustard, W. Officer, A. McCorley, W. Bonnar and John Moore.


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