Tandragee 2

Tandragee War Memorial is located at The Square in the centre of the village.
The dedication and unveiling ceremony took place on Monday morning xxxxxxxxxxxxx Major D. Graham Shillington;  D.L., M.P., unveiled the memorial and the dedicatory prayer was said by Rev. R. S. Morrison, B,D., rector of Tandragee parish.
Of grey granite, almost 25 feet high, the memorial stands in the square opposite the Castle gate. The broad base supports three broad steps symbolising endurance, faith, and love. On these rest the base and plinth, carrying a pedestal on which are inscription and names of the fallen ; above the pedestal is the capital from which rises a tall obelisk. On the front of the obelisk, above the inscription, is chiselled a memorial wreath. The whole structure is carried out in grey Newry granite, and, though massive, its proportions are so admirable that all suggestion of heaviness is eradicated.                         
The inscription, in raised lettering reads. ;-

who fought for God and King and Country in the Great War
and in ever grateful remembrance of the fallen
whose names are inscribed on this monument.    
and 1939 – 1945
Lest we forget.”

On the other sides are engraved in like manner the names of the 72 men who fell during the war.          

Aston, D.

Balmer, J.

Bennison, J. W.

Boyd, T.

Buller, T.

Bunting, E.

Campbell, E.

Campbell,  W. J.

Clements, T.

Cunningham, R.

Ferguson, J.

Ferris, G.

Ferris, W. H.

Finn, W. J.

Garland, J.

Grant, T. J.

Grimason, J.

Hall, A.

Hall, J.

Hamilton, R.

Hunter, W.

Irwin, J.

Irwin, W.

Jackson, G.

Laurison, R. H.

Lavery, F.

Lawson, J.

Lloyd, B.

Lloyd, T.

Lockhart R.

Lorrison, W.

Lunn, W.

Magee, J.

Magee, R.

Milligan, R.

McConville, J. (see below)

McFarland, G.

McGeown, R.

McGladdery, T.

M’Guill, J.

Neill, G.

O’Raw, E.

Overend, G.

Palmer, D.

Palmer, S.

Pedlow, W.

Pentland, W.

Phillips, J.

Porter, A.

Purdy, R.

Quinn, J. A.

Redpath, R.

Robinson, T.

Ryan, G.

Sterling, B.

Thompson, J.

Thompson, T.

Thompson, W.

Topley, J.

Tweedy, J.

Totten, W.

Vance, J.

Venard, E.

Wallace, T.

Watson, J.

Whiteside, G.

White, J.

White, W.

Wilson, W.

Wilson, J.

Williamson, D.

Submitted by Claire McConville.
J. McConville (John McConville) is my father’s Uncle and my Great Uncle, son of William McConville of Mill Row, Tandragee and Sarah (nee McMorran), who was originally from Ballynagarrick, where John McConville was born. His mother attended the service at the war memorial every year until she died in 1961 aged 104 years old.  He is buried at Thiepval, France.

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