Moneymore, County Londonderry
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Moneymore, County Londonderry
Moneymore War Memorial is located in Smith Street (A31). It is attached to the side wall of the Assembly Rooms building. The unveiling ceremony was performed on 12th October 1922 by Brigadier-General Sir William Hacket-Pain, K.B.E., C.B., M.P. The dedicatory prayer was offered by Rev. W. J. McGeagh, B.A., Moneymore Presbyterian Church.
The tablet contains the names of the twenty-six men who gave their lives.  A second memorial tablet inside the Assembly Rooms records the names of 162 other men who served during the war. On this tablet there is a distinction made between those who served ‘overseas’ (active service), and those who served at home.
The outside tablet has a panel of Aberdeen red polished granite, in a square of Irish limestone, artistically carved.
The inscription at the top of the tablet is: -  

“Erected in grateful remembrance of those who made the supreme sacrifice for
King and country during the great war. 1914-1918.”
At the bottom of the tablet; -

A. T. Booth,

A. E. Brown,

G. Brown, M.M.

A. Colvin,

C. R. Cooney,

J. Davison,

R. Davison.

J. Devlin,

S. M. Freeman,

J. Jordan,

R. Lyttle,

W. M’Cord.

A. M’Kinney,

J. M’Williams,

T. Montgomery,

H. Moore,

F. O’Neill,

J. Owens,

R. J. Patterson.

W.G. Scott,

J. Simpson,

P. Taylor,

R. Walls,

J. Watson,

J. S. M. Lenox-Conyngham,

H. M. Lenox-Conyngham, D.S.O.

A second memorial tablet inside the Assembly Rooms records the names of 162 other men who served during the war. On this tablet there is a distinction made between those who served ‘overseas’ (active service), and those who served at home.
In his speech Mr. Cousley (Redford) said they at home followed the heroic work of those brave fellows with great interest as they read in the papers of their gallant exploits in the fields of France and Flanders. With what a thrill of pride they read of the heroism shown by those solders that great 1st of July, 1916, when with the cry of “No Surrender” they pushed far beyond where they were ordered to go. (Applause.) Many of these men gave up their lives on that day. They were gone, but yet they at home did not believe they were lost to them. Continuing he said it was pleasant to see many of their brave men back with them again. He hoped every effort would be made to recognise what they had done, and that the Government would treat then with great sympathy. They had another duty also to their soldiers, namely, to support the cause for which they fought. While thinking chiefly of the men of the Ulster Division, they must not forget that other Irishmen too fought with great bravery for their King and country. The hearts of North and South were never closer than Major W. Redmond fell in action bravely and was carried in by members of Ulster Division.(Applause)  He hoped the period of strife would soon over, that peace and good-will would prevail and all parties act together as friends and brothers.
The interior tablet is of brass, with a massive polished oak background. The inscription on it is: -
“Erected in honour of the men who served in the Great War (l914-l918)”
W. Anderson. T. Andrews, L. Bell, L. Burnett, J. Cargan, J. Carleton. J. E. Carleton. W. E. Carnaghan,  D. Colvin, R. Colvin,     W. Colvin, J. H. Cowan, J. S. Cowan, T. G. Craig, H. Craigen, J. K. Crossett,  W. Cunningham, J. Devlin, J. Devlin, T. Duff,        S. Espie, S. Farley, C. Fields, H. Fields, S. Gilliland, H. Glover,  G. Greer, J. Greer, S. Greer, J. E. Gunning, G. A. Harris,              R. W. Harris, S. Hartley, Rev. W. Hogarth, E. Hughes, F. Johnston, G. Johnston, M.M.,  J. Johnston, J. Johnston, T. Johnston,          W. Johnston, D. Jordan, D. Jordan,  Dr. H. W. Kerrigan, H. G. Kingston, J. Kissick, W. Kissick. W. J. Lammey.                          W. A. Lenox-Conyngham, O.B.E., J. V. Lowry, W. J. Lyttle, W. J. Lyttle, J. M’Cormick, J. M’Crea. B. M’Garvey, J. M’Garvey. T. M’Garvey,   W. M’Garvey, A. E. M’Iver, D. M’Iver, Dr. W. J. M’Iver, S. L. M’Iver, M.C., C. M’Kee, J. M’Keever,              G. M’Keown, MM., Marshall, J. Martin, J. Megaw, J. Montgomery, R. Montgomery, F. Moran, J. Moran, T. J. Morris, MM.,     W. Mullan, T. Murphy, T. A. Orr, A. Owens, W. Pattison, K. Porter, W. Porter, A. Rankin, J. H. E. Sandford, T. Scilly, H. Scott, J. Scott, Dr. E. S. Sharpe, W. M’C. Sharpe, D.S.O., W. G. Shaw, A. Simpson, A. Simpson, R. C Simpson, F. E. Smith, J. Stanton, J. Taylor, J. Taylor, J. Thompson, J. Weir, W. Wilson, J. Woods, R. Woods, H. Wylie, W. Young, G. H. Allen, T. Anderson,         R. J. Boyce, W. J. Brown, F. Crawford, A. Davidson, S. Davidson, H. Devlin. G. Donaldson, H. J. Ferguson. S. Garvin.               W. K. Glover, R. Graham, H. K. Harris, W. Jordan, R. Junk, S. M’Cord, P. M’Guckin, J. M’Kee, D M’Kinney, R. J. Moore,    W. Scilly, W. J. Shaw, W. Watterson, J. Wylie.

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