Lisburn, County Antrim
Lisburn 3

Castle Gardens, Lisburn, County Antrim
The Memorial occupiers a commanding site at the Castle Gardens, which form a fitting background for so noble an example of the structure’s art.  The winged figure of victory, holding the downward pointed sword and the laurel wreath, is mounted upon a pedestal, which is placed upon a die and base stone raised above ground level upon three steps. The overall height of the memorial is twenty three feet. The figure is in bronze, and is 9 ft. high: a pedestal and steps are of Bottacino marble; and set upon the pedestal are four bronze tablets, three of which are inscribed in relief with the names of the fallen and the other with the following inscription:-

“To the Glorious Memory of the Lisburn Men who gave their Lives that we might Live.
Their Name Liveth for Evermore.”

A plaque containing additional names was added in 2007

Abbott William R. Rifleman

Adams Ralph, [Rank unknown]

Allen William John, Rifleman

Andrews James, Rifleman 

Andrews William, Rifleman

Atkinson William, Private

Baker Walter, Rifleman

Beattie William John, Lance Sergeant

Beck James, Private

Bell G. R. Private

Bell John, Private

Boomer W.C., M.C. Captain

Boston W.  [Rank unknown]

Bowman Robert, Second Lieutenant

Boyd David, Rifleman

Braithwaite James, C.S.M.

Bratty George, Rifleman

Brown Henry, Rifleman

Brown John, Rifleman

Brown Samuel, Rifleman

Buchanan Richard M.M., Private

Buckley Joseph, Corporal

Button James, [Rank unknown]

Cairns Alexander, Private

Cairns James, Rifleman

Calwell C. J. Private

Campbell John, Lance Corporal

Cathcart David, Sergeant 

Cathcart Robert, Private

Cathcart Thomas, Lance Corporal

Chambers James, [Rank unknown]

Chapman William, Rifleman

Cherry James A., Sergeant 

Clarke A., Rifleman

Clarke R. J., Private

Clay John, [Rank unknown]

Clay Thomas, [Rank unknown]

Cleland George, Rifleman

Coburn James, Rifleman

Cooke F. G., R[Rank unknown]

Cordner George, Rifleman

Cordner Samuel, Rifleman

Corken R. J. Corporal

Corkin H. Lance Sergeant

Corkin J. Rifleman 

Corrigan Edward, [Rank unknown]

Corry J. Rifleman

Cowan A. Rifleman

Cowan Joseph, Rifleman

Crilly Dan, Rank Unascertained

Crossey Henry, Lance Corporal

Crossey William, [Rank unknown]

Cunningham William, Rifleman

Curry William, Rifleman

Dickey Robert, Rank [Rank unknown]

Dickson Samuel, [Rank unknown]

Dodds Michael, Private

Donegan Samuel, Private

Donegan Thomas, Sergeant 

Donnelly Hugh, [Rank unknown]

Donnelly T. [Rank unknown]

Dornan George, Corporal

Douglas Samuel, [Rank unknown]

Dowds Charles, Lance Corporal

Dugan Hill, Corporal

Dugan Richard, [Rank unknown]

Dunleavy James, Rifleman

Dunlop Quintin, Corporal

Ewart Cecil F.K., Captain

Fenning J. Name added 2007. [Rank unknown]

Fenning R., Name added 2007. [Rank unknown]

Fenton J., Rifleman 

Ferris Joseph, [Rank unknown]

Frazer William J. Lance Corporal 

Furfey Patrick, [Rank unknown]

Gibson John, Rifleman

Gill William, [Rank unknown]

Gillespie Robert Cecil Victor, Lance Corporal

Gorman Daniel, Rifleman

Graham Thomas, [Rank unknown]

Graham Thomas, [Rank unknown]

Gregg Louis Arthur, Rifleman

Gribben William, Private

Griffin A. Rifleman

Grubb Donald J. Second Lieutenant

Haddock Thomas, Rifleman

Haire Samuel, Private

Hamilton Charles,Private

Hamilton John, Private

Hanna Frank J. Rifleman

Hanna Joseph, Rifleman

Hanna William, Private

Harvey H., Rifleman

Harvey John, Rifleman

Hazelton J. Douglas, B.A. [Rank unknown]

Heron Robert, Rifleman

Hillis John, Private 

Hodgen John, [Rank unknown]

Holmes James, Rifleman

Huddlestone William, Private

Huddlestone William, Private

Hughes William H. Rifleman

Hughes William H. Rifleman

Hull G. H., Lance Corporal

Hull Robert John,Private

Hutton J. [Rank unknown]

Irwin J., Name added 2007. [Rank unknown]

Jackson Isaiah, Private

Jenkins Garrett P. Lieutenant

Johnston David W. Rifleman

Keery Isaac, Rifleman

Keithley Philip C.R. Captain

Kelly Edward, Q.M.S. 

King F. C. Lieutenant

King George, Private

Kingsberry George, Private

Knox Charles, [Rank unknown]

Laird J. Corporal

Lamont William, Rifleman

Lappin Daniel, Rifleman

Lappin William, Rifleman

Larmour Alexander D.C.M. Sergeant 

Larmour Samuel, Corporal

Lavery Charles, [Rank unknown]

Lavery Edward, Private

Lavery Henry, [Rank unknown]

Lavery William, Sergeant 

Leathem W. Rifleman

Leathem William H. Rifleman 

Leckey William, Rifleman

Lennox Francis, Private

Lewis William, Private

Lindsay Joseph, Rifleman

Lindsay Robert, Private

Lindsay Robert, [Rank unknown]

Logan Thomas, Rifleman

Lovie Henry, Private

Lowry Henry, Rifleman

Lunn James, Corporal

Lyness B. Rifleman

Lyness Matthew, Sergeant 

Lyttle Henry, [Rank unknown]

Lyttle Samuel, Rifleman

M’Allister James, Private

M’Bride Andrew, Rifleman

M’Bride Andrew, Rifleman

M’Bride R. Rifleman

M’Bride R. Rifleman

M’Cann David, Private

M’Cann Edward, Rifleman

M’Carter Robert, M.M., Sergeant 

M’Carter Robert, Sergeant 

M’Clure Thomas James, Rifleman

M’Comiskey John, [Rank unknown]

M’Dowell J. Rifleman

M’Dowell James, Rifleman

M’Dowell James, Rifleman

M’Dowell William G., Rifleman

M’Geown Robert, Rifleman

M’Gurk John, Rifleman

M’Ilfatrick Daniel, Rifleman

M’Ilwrath George H. Rifleman

M’Iwrath Charles, Rifleman

M’Kee Samuel, Rifleman

M’Kibben F. Rifleman

M’Mullen James, Rifleman

M’Namara Edward, [Rank unknown]

M’Namara Joseph, [Rank unknown]

M’Quaid John, [Rank unknown]

M’Williams Henry, Rifleman

M’Williams John, Rifleman

Mackell J. Name added 2007. [Rank unknown]

Magee John, [Rank unknown]

Maginess Alexander, Private

Maginess Thomas, [Rank unknown]

Malcomson T.R. Name added 2007. [Rank unknown]

Marks Robert, Rifleman

Martin David, Rifleman

Martin Eric Franklin, [Rank unknown]

Martin Henry, Private

Martin, J. E. Rifleman

McGreevy F.S. Name added 2007. [Rank unknown]

Mearns John, [Rank unknown]

Mines Thomas, [Rank unknown]

M'Nair Isaac, Private

Moore Alexander, Rifleman

Moore Archibald, Lieutenant

Morgan William, Private

Morrison Douglas St. G., Lieutenant B.A., R.F.A.  

Morrow Robert, Rifleman

Morrow Robert, Rifleman

Mulligan J. Lance Corporal

Murphy Thomas, Corporal

Murtagh Patrick, [Rank unknown]

Neagle Francis, Private

Neill Thomas, [Rank unknown]

Nelson Charles, Private

Nelson Robert J. Rifleman

Newell James, [Rank unknown]

Newell, James, Lance Corporal

O’Brien Patrick, [Rank unknown]

O’Hara David, Private

Orr Richard, Rifleman

Orr Robert  J. Rifleman

Park John H. Lance Corporal

Patterson S. Martin, Rifleman

Patterson William, Rifleman

Patton William, Rifleman

Pelan Chris, [Rank unknown]

Pews Robert S. Rifleman

Pews William G. Rifleman

Philpott Thomas H. Private 

Porter R. Corporal

Purdy Samuel, Rifleman

Rainey H. Name added 2007. [Rank unknown]

Ramsey John, Private 

Reddick Jonathan, Rifleman

Rice Joseph, Private

Ritchie William, Lance Corporal

Rogan Robert S. Private  

Rooney Arthur, Private

Rooney Henry, Private

Ross Robert J. Rifleman

Russell Thomas, Private 

Russell William, Rifleman

Sally R. Rifleman

Sharkey Hugh, [Rank unknown]

Sharkey J. [Rank unknown]

Sharkey Patrick, [Rank unknown]

Simpson Joseph, [Rank unknown]

Sinclair John H. Captain 

Skelly James, Corporal

Skelly William, Private

Smiley Albert, Private

Smith Holmes George Davis, Rifleman

Smyth Robert, Rifleman

Spence William, Rifleman

Spratt William J. Rifleman

Stanway William, Private  

Steadman John, Rifleman

Sterling James, [Rank unknown]

Stewart P., Mitchell, Corporal

Stoops P. [Rank unknown]

Tate D., Corporal

Tate J. Sergeant 

Teggart T. [Rank unknown]

Thompson W. Rifleman  

Todd Francis, [Rank unknown]

Toole Edward, Private

Topping Henry, Corporal

Topping S. Rifleman

Topping Samuel, Rifleman

Totton James, Rifleman

Totton William, Rifleman

Troughton Samuel, Rifleman

Verschure A. J. [Rank unknown]

Walker G.F. Lance Corporal

Walker George F. Lance Corporal

Walker Joseph, Rank Unascertained

Walsh D., Corporal 

Walsh David, Lance Corporal

Walsh T., Rifleman 

Walsh W. Rifleman

Walsh William, Rifleman

Ward Samuel, Rifleman

Waring Boomer William, Rifleman

Waring John, Rifleman

Waterhouse Victor Albert, M.M., Private

Welch A. C. Rifleman

Wilson J. Bombardier 

Wilson William Alderdice, Lieutenant

Woods J. Mearns, Rifleman

Woods James, Private

For additional information see Lisburn's War Dead 1914-1918

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