Holywood, County Down
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Holywood, County Down. [pronounced Hollywood]
Holywood War Memorial is in Redburn Square across the road from Holywood Railway Station.
It consists of a statue of a soldier in “full kit” in the “on guard position” and is the work of Mr. L. S. Merrifield
It was unveiled by Mrs Dunlop of St. Helen’s, widow of the local General Practitioner, (doctor) whose eldest son was one of the first soldiers from Holywood to die in the Great War. At this time the surrounding area had still to be completed.
Several months later and before the dedication, the open space in which the monument stands was properly laid out and had been named Redburn Square, by the Urban Council in honour of Second Lieutenant John Spencer Dunville, V.C. second son of John and Violet Dunville, Redburn House, Holywood. Railings had been erected around the statute, and the space between the railings and the base of the pedestal covered with white quartz chips, which enhanced the pleasing effect of the scheme.
The inscription is ;-

In Grateful Memory of the Men of Holywood and District who gave their lives in the Great War      1914 – 1918.
“Their name liveth for evermore.”

R. C. Alexander

A. S. Anderson

J. Auld

T. Armstrong

E. Bagley

J. Bell

C. F. Beverland

R. Beverland

G. F. Bonner

J. M. Briggs

T. L. Calwell, M.C.

W. H. Calwell

S. Carey

J. Clements

J. Corry

H. O. Davis

H. Doggard, M.M.

J. Doggard

W. Doggard

J. Dooley

G. M. Dunlop

J. G. M. Dunlop

J. S. Dunville, V.C.

F. Elliott

J. Elliott

W. Elliott

S. Ferguson

J. Fitzsimons

R. Frazer

W. Galway

C. Gaussen

J. Gordon

T. Gordon

G. Graham

H. Graham

J. Graham

T. Gray

H. Harpur

W. Heininger

T. Henderson

W. A. Herron

E. W. Hind

P. Hudson

W. Hudson

V. E. Humphrey

S. Hutchinson, M.M.

A. Huxley

J. M. Inglis

C. M. Legate

G. W. Legate

G. Lennox

H. Lomax

T. G. Mahony

E. L. Marshall, M.C.

J. Mawhinney

H. Milligan

F. J. G. Mills

H. Mills

R. R. Mitchell

W. J. E. Morton

H. Murdock

S. Murdock

H. McCann

T.V.P. McCammon

P. McKee

J. McKibben

J. McLean

J. R. G. McLean

H. H. McMahon

A. McMurray

B. McShane

C. A. Neeson

J. D. Neill

R. L. Neill

R. Newberry

D. O’Rorke

A. W. B. Orr

W. J. Osborne

A. Patterson

H. Peden

P. Petticrew

J. Pollock

E. A. Praeger

W. H. Quarry

J. Reid

T. Richardson

W. C. Richardson

J. F. Robin

S. Robinson

K. Ross

M. Ross

W. Ross

S. J. Russell

J. Savage

W. Savage

J. Scott

J. Semple

J. Shaw

W. Shaw

A. Smith

E. Stevenson

J. Steele

R. Suffern

W. Taylor

A. Trainor

J. White

W. Wilson

J. Woods

N. H. Woods, M.C.

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