Groomsport, County Down
Groomsport 3

Groomsport, County Down.
Groomsport War Memorial is located on the B511 where it passes through the village.
The site for the memorial was the gift of Miss Maxwell, of Groomsport House, and Colonel the Right Hon. R D Perceval-Maxwell, DL. The Rev. Dr. Major-General Simms, MP, unveiled the memorial and offered the Prayer of Dedication.
This obelisk is almost at the entrance to the old village. The whole structure is in grey granite, and bears the dedicatory inscription as follows –
The memorial was originally enclosed by iron railing and gates, the space between the base of the railings and the base of the column being filled in with snow-white stones. As can be seen from the photograph the railing and gates no longer exist.

“Erected by public subscription in grateful memory
of the men of the district who fell and served in the Great War.       

Roll of Honour.

William Drennan, 13th R.I.R.

Robert Jordan, 4th Australians.

James Orr, Cheshire Regiment.

Henry Waterson, RMLI.

Served Abroad

G. J. Apperson, Major

H. R. Haslett, Major

D. Kerr, Major

H. H. Brewer, M.C., Captain

T. D. Kincan, Captain

N. B. Townsend, Captain

J. B. Parke, Lieutenant

R. Tanner, R.N., Lieutenant

H. Bell, D.C.M., Sergeant

C. Harvey, Sergeant

M. Harvey, Sergeant

H. Money, Sergeant

J. McIntosh, Sergeant

N. Niblock, Sergeant

A. Reid, Sergeant

J. McCaw, Corporal

W. Watson, Corporal

A. Barrons, Corporal

A. Angus, Private

W. Apperson, Private

P. Barrons, Private

H. Blakely, Private

E. Clarke, Private

S. Gordon, Private

T. Graham, Private

W. Graham, Private

J. Hamilton, Private

S. Hamilton, Private

J. Lightbody, Private

T. Tilley, Private

T. Lowry, Private

W. J. McCullough, Private

J. McDowell, Private

J. Mailey, Private

R. Mitchell, Private

A. Montgomery, Private

A. Mooney, Private

H. Mooney, Private

A. Niblock, Private

J. Patton, Private

J. Patton, Private

R. Patton, Private

R. Patton, Private

A. Savage, Private

R. Sewell, Private

J. Somers, Private

T. Smith, Private

H. Stevenson, Private

T. Walsh, Private

J. Waterson, Private

H. Waterson, R.N.

Home Service

G. Gardner, Lieutenant

D. Barron, Private

A. Conroy, Private

J. McIntosh, Private

R. McIntosh, Private

G. Murdock, Private

R. Murdock, Private

J. Niblock, Private

J. Orr, Private

F. Parker, Private

W. Savage, Private

J. Tate, Private

J. Waterson, Private

J. Waterson, Private

J. A. Waterson, Private

Merchant Service.

J. Murdock, Captain

A. Orr, Captain

W. Barron,

W. Higginbotham,

J. R. Kennedy,

J. Mullen,

W. Nicholson,

D. Orr.

1939 - 1945

Roll of Honour

R. H. Outler,

R. H. Duff,

G. V. Lowry,

R. Mailey,

R. P. Percival-Maxwell

W. R. Patterson,

A. F. T. Stevenson,

A. H. G. Waterson.

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