Donaghadee and Millisle, County Down
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Donaghadee, County Down.
Donaghadee War Memorial is located at the junction of Shore Street and Union Street.
About 300 yards north of the War Memorial is Shore Street Presbyterian Church which has a war memorial stained glass window.
‘The memorial, which has been erected in the centre of the promenade, takes the form of an obelisk, 30 feet (9.5m) high constructed of Connemara marble. Inscribed on the obelisk are the words:’

“Donaghadee and District War Memorial, ”

and beneath is the inscription:

“Erected in memory of the glorious dead,” and the quotation:
“At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.”

‘At the base of the monument are two panels, on which are inscribed the names of sixty-one men from the Donaghadee and Millisle districts who fell in the Great War. The memorial cost £1,100, and the expenditure was met by means of a public subscription organised by a committee.’
The original panels contained the names;-
Donaghadee District

Aiken M.,

Angus J.,

Angus J.B.,

Angus R.,

Angus W.,

Bailie T.,

Campbell J.,

Campbell A.,

Coulter R.,

Clegg T.,

Davidson T.,

Drennan W.,

Griffin T.

Getensby S.,

Hamilton G.,

Hamilton H.,

Hamilton R.,

Kenny W.D., V.C.,

Keith T.,

Majury J.,

Marear R.,

Melville W.,

Miskimmin J.,

McConnell J.,

McConnell D.,

McCready J.,

McCullough J.,

McCutcheon D.,

McKibben R.,

McWilliams A.,

McGaffin R.,

Patton W.,

Patton T.,

Pollock C.,

Pollock J.,

Reilly T.,

Robinson R.,

Robinson J.,

Stewart R.,

Stewart R.,

Stewart R.D.,

Strain S.,

Saunders R.,

Skilling J.,

Semple R.,

Semple W.,

Semple W.,

Taylor S.,

Taylor W,R.,

Tanner W.,

Thompson J.,

Thompson C.






Millisle District



Burrows J.C.,

Donnan S.,

Drennan J.A.,

Jamison J.,

McKee J.

McKee H.A.

McGimpsey R.



The two original panels have recently been replaced by four panels. The names below are taken from the new panels.

Adair J.S.

Adair T.

Brown A.

Brown W.J.

Clegg J.

Cruise R.

Dempster E.

Gamble H.

Harper W.

Martin R.

Mehegan, W.

Muckle T.P.

Miskimmin R.

O’Neill R.J.

Patton W.

Strong F.

Torney T.

White J.

Woods W.

Vivash B.C.

Patton W.

Patton T.

Pollock C.

Pollock J.

Reilly T.

Robinson R.

Robinson J.

Stewart R.

Stewart R.

Stewart R.D.

Strain S.

Saunders R.

Skilling J.

Semple, W.

Semple W.

Taylor S.

Taylor W.R.

Thompson J.

Thompson, C.



Millisle District

Burrows, J.C.

Donnan, S.

Drennan, J.A.

Jamison, J.

McKee, J.

McKee, H.A.

McGimpsey, R.

Bangor Bay 1943

Aicken, H.

Nelson, W.G.


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