Bushmills, County Antrim
Bushmills statue 2

Bushmills, County Antrim.

Bushmills War Memorial is located at the Diamond.
The monument, which occupies a central position in the square, is a life sized bronze figure of a khaki-clad, steel helmeted rifleman, with fixed bayonet, at the charge. There is an expression of grim Ulster determination on the features and in the tenacity of the muscles braced for resistance to the enemy. The monument stands on a high pedestal of granite, and on the front is a brass tablet inscribed,
To the men of the town and district who gave their lives for their country in the Great War,
The monument is the work of Mr. Charles L. Hartwell, A.R.A., and has been exhibited in the Royal Academy, London.
It is an interesting fact that during the trying period of the war a considerable sum of £3,000 was collected within the Petty Sessions District of Bushmills for war comforts and kindred objects.

The names of the heroic dead inscribed on the memorial tablets are as follow:-

Lieut. William J. Dunlop, Straidkillen, R.F.A.

Lieut. Daniel Kerr, Craignamaddy, 14th Cheshire Regiment

Lieut. Sir Harry Macnaghten, Dundarave, 12th R.I.R.

Lieut. Sir Douglas Macnaghten, Dundarave, 8th R.B.

Lieut. Hugh M’Allister, Cozies, Y. & L. Regt.

Lieut. Thomas L. M’Fall, Magherintendry. 9th R. Innis. F.

James A. M’Lean, M.C., Park, R.F.A.

Lieut. John William M’Vieker, Craignamaddy, l3th K.L. Regt.

Sergt. Isaac Dean, Bushmills, 12th Royal Irish Rifles.

Sergt. Donald Douglas, Portballintrae, S. African Infantry

Sergt. William Graham, Bushmills, 1st Irish Guards

Sergt. Peter Kane, Lisnagunag, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Cpl. John M’Master, Ballymagarry, 28 C., M.G.C.

Cpl. Robert M’Nabb, Islandcarragh, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Lce.-Cpl. Robert Galbraith, Bushmills, 16th C.S.

Lce.-Cpl. Hugh M’Callum, Bushmills, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Lce.-Cpl. John Morton, Ballytober, 1st Innis. F.

Lce.-Cpl. Sam Mulholland, Revallagh, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Lce.-Cpl. Robert Paul, Islandranny, 12th R.I.R.

Lce.-Cpl. Samuel Taylor, Bushmills, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

John Black, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

James Callaghan, 3rd G.H.

John Campbell, 1st Royal Irish Rifles

William H. Chambers, Canadian Field Artillery

George Cochrane, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Charles Esdale, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

William Hatty, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Daniel Hunter, Machine Gun Corps

Daniel Johnston. 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Thomas Kennedy, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

John Liken, 15th Lancashire Fusiliers.

Isaac Bell Macallister, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

John M’Bride, 2nd Royal Irish Regiment

William M’Bride, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Jackson M’Caughan, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Allan M’Culla, 6th Royal Irish Regiment

Arthur M’Culla, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Andrew M’Gahey, 11th Royal Irish Rifles

William M’Keague. 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Samuel Mitchell,12th Royal Irish Rifles

William J. Morrow, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Hugh Patton, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Hugh Purcell,1st Garrison Royal Irish Rifles

Samuel Speers, 18th Royal Irish Rifles

Alexander Taylor, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

James Verner, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Alexander Weir, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Andrew Wilkinson,10th Essex Regt.

William G. Bell, Ballyoglagh, 1st R.B.

Andrew Bennett Castlecatt. 1st Royal Irish Rifles

William Boyle, Lisnagunag. 46th Canadians

Gordon Brown, Portlallintrae, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Samuel Brown, Toberkeigh, 2nd Royal Irish Rifles

Robert Carson, Bushfoot, 12th Royal Irish Rifles.

Samuel Carson, Balltrock, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Daniel H. Christie, Park, 15th Royal Irish Rifles

John Cochrane, Aird, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

John Connor, Revallagh, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Alexander Craig, Ballyrock, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

John Craig, Ballyrock, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Samuel Craig, Ballyrock, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Alexander Elliott, Turfahun, 27th Canadians

Wilson Fullerton, Ballyness N.Z.R.B.

Hugh Gault, Clogher, 2nd Irish Guards

Robert Greer, Revallagh, 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

William C. Hill, Craig Park, 1st G.H.

Johnston Kane, Carnglass, 90th Winnipeg Rifles.

Daniel M’Caughan, Craig, Machine Gun Corps

Robert W. M’Clements, Stanalane, 12th R.I.R.

Thomas F. M’Conaghy, Runkerry, 10th Royal Irish Rifles

Wm. M’Curdy, Ballylough, Beg, 11th R.I.R.

Thos. M’Fall, Priestland, 10th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Matthew M’Fay, Ballylough Beg, 12th R.I.R.

James M’Nabb, Islanderragh, 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Arthur Ross, Ballyhemlin, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Robert Taggart, Ballyelough, 10th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Archibald Weir, Portballintrae, Machine Gun Corps

Robert Galbraith 16th Canadian Scottish

James Callaghan, 3rd Gordon Highlanders

W. Fullerton, New  Zealand Rifle Brigade

W.C. Hill, 1st Gordon Highlanders

William Steele Thompson, Ballytober, Canadian Infantry.

Additional names added later


James Boyle,  2nd Bn Argylle and Sutherland Highlanders

Robert Glass, 1/5 Royal Scots Fusiliers

Samuel Kane, 1/5 Bn Argylle & Sutherland Highlanders 

McGhee 1/5th Argylle & Sutherland Highlanders

Ernest W Shields 12th Bn Royal Irish Rifles

McKay Matthew, 12th Royal Irish Rifles

For information on individual soldiers read ‘Bushmills Heroes 1914 - 1918,’ by Robert Thompson ISBN 0 9537583-3-8

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