Bangor, County Down
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Gun from German submarine U 19

Bangor War Memorial, County Down.
Bangor War Memorial is located in Ward Park off Hamilton Road.
The memorial to the 124 sailors, soldiers, and airmen belonging to the town and district who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War, occupies a commanding position formally occupied by the Bandstand. It is constructed of Portland stone and is 40 feet (12.5m) in height and 36 feet (11.50m) square at the base. On the north side is a life sized bronze figure representing Erin, holding a palm branch, symbolical of victory, while nearer the top of the column is a figure representing the Lion of Victory. Midway is engraved the inscription;

“Died in the service of their country.”

On the bottom panel is inscribed:

“The Great War, 1914-1918. To the memory of our fallen sons.”
On the south side is a bronze shield, surmounted by laurel and oak leaves, on which are inscribed the names of the fallen, and on a lower panel is the quotation:
“Dulce et decorum est Pro Patria Mori.”

The top of the column is surmounted by runic interlacing, and all the embellishments are of bronze.
The war memorial is close to a U-Boat gun given to the town.
The inscription on the gun is;-
“This gun taken from German submarine U19 was allotted to Bangor (County Down) by the Admiralty in recognition of the valorous conduct of Commander the Hon. Edward Barry Stewart Bingham of H.M.S. Nestor at the Battle of Jutland on 31st May 1916. For which he received the Victoria Cross.”
“Died in the Service of their Country.”

Harris Lee Moore Absalom,

Edward Aicken,

David Anderson,

Robert Anderson,

Blair Angus,

James Angus,

Robert Angus,

William Wilberforce Armstrong,

David Barnes,

Ernest William Barrett,

Knox Gordon Barrett,

Norman James Barrett,

Alec Stewart Bell,

Charles Bell,

William Austin Bell,

Richard Gerald Ava Bingham

Alexander Birch,

Basil Ian Temple Blackwood,

Francis Alfred Joseph Brown,

James Brown, (R.F.A.),

James Brown, (R.I.R.),

George Burns,

James Burns,

Alexander Campbell,

Alexander Carlisle,

Robert Carson,

Robert M’Kee Claney,

Samuel Coleman,

Reginald John Collier,

William Crozier,

Richard Percy Cumming,

William Herbert Cummings, 

Charles Verdun Darnell,

Edward Davidson,

James Samuel Davidson,

Charles Beauclerk Despard,

David Harvey Ferguson,

Robert Ferguson,

Andrew Campbell Finlay,

William Fitzpatrick,

David Gamble,

William Gibson,

William J. R. Gorman,

Robert J. Gray,

John Edwin Greenwood,

Robt. Alexander Hanna,

Henry Hassan,

William Hassan,

Harold Hardy,

William Henderson,

Ernest Henry Hewitt, *

Holt Montgomery Hewitt, *

William Arthur Hewitt, *

Ernest William Gayles Hind,

Arthur Carson Hollywood,

James Hollywood,

Robert Hughes,

William Hughes,

David John Irwin,

Robert Jordan,

Robert Kane,

John Keating,

William George Kyle,

Robert McCalla Lytle,

George Turner McAlpine,

Daniel McAloruin,

James Arthur M’Clelland,

Alexander M’Clements,

James McClure,

David McConnell,

Robert McConnell,

Andrew McCready,

Nathaniel McCready,

William McDowell,

Arthur McEwan,

David McEwan,

Jas. McGilton,

Alex. McMurray,

Robert McNair, 

Tony McQuoid, 

Henry Irwin Mahaffy, 

William Malcolm,

Fraser Douglas Mann,

Wm. Edward Midwinter,

George Milne,

Thomas Miskelly,

Samuel Moffett, 

John Montgomery,

Thomas Montgomery,

Robert Moore,

Robert John Morgan,

David William Neil,

Samuel Nelson,

Hugh Newell,

Leslie Newell,

John O’Neill,

John Orr,

Norman Giles Paton,

John Patterson,

Thomas Patterson,

Vivian Trevor Tighe Rea, **

William Reilly,

William Morgan Ritchie,

George Robinson,

Richard Ivan Robson,

James Rogan,

John Graham Savage,

William Scott,

Thomas Herbert Shaw,

George Skimin,

William A. Sloan,

Albert Smith,

Alfred F. J. Steele-Nicholson,

William H. H. Steele-Nicholson,

Thomas Stephenson,

James Stewart,

Robert Stone, 

James Taggert,

James Todd,

John Marcus Tyrrell,

Walter Alexander Tyrrell,

Harry Leebody Weir,

Hugh Welsh,

Hugh Skillen Wilson.

*There is a brass memorial tablet in St. Comgall’s Parish Church, Bangor in memory of the three Hewitt brothers.
** There is a stained glass window in St. Comgall’s Parish Church, Bangor,
‘To the glory of God and in affectionate remembrance of Vivien Trevor Tighe Rea, Lieut. Royal Irish Rifles mortally wounded at Neuve Chapelle, [France] on 25th October 1914.’
Vivien had been a Scoutmaster of 1st Bangor Scouts and the money to pay for the window was, for a large part, raised by the Scout Troop.

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